The Importance of Maintaining Proper Nutrition
October 27, 2016

Staying active and maintaining a proper nutrition benefits one’s life in many ways. Through improved moods, health and self-image, striving for effective results does not always need to come from traditional methods. While working out can be an excellent way to get in shape, for many people this is not always the best option. They may not be physically able to undergo intense workouts or they can hit a wall and getting rid of those last stubborn areas can become a challenge. Through our Active Body Sculpting program, anyone can achieve their ideal image.

What the Active Body Sculpting Program Entails

Targeting Stubborn Areas

When you work out, there can be certain areas on your body that are difficult to tone. Whether it is your midsection, legs, arms or other areas, through laser body sculpting you can hit those difficult areas to achieve the look you always wanted.

The Light-Lipo stimulates the fat cell in the targeted areas to emulsify the fat within the cell. The fat then gets absorbed into the lymphatic system and then leaves the body.

No Pain, Downtime or Side Effects

The Light-Lipo used in the program in a non-invasive procedure meaning there is no needles or procedures. There is no bruising, scarring or recovery time needed. After the procedure, you can go about your regular routine.

Get Rid of Fat and Not Muscle

The program is designed to help you lose the fat and achieve the ideal sculpted body. The body sculpting program targets only the fat in cells as stated before and does not affect the surrounding muscle groups.

Get started today by scheduling a free consultation, and get the body you’ve always wanted with Active Body Sculpt.

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