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Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet
February 2, 2017
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Get Camera Ready with Lipo-Light
February 16, 2017

At Active Body Sculpt, we use Lipo-Light technology to jumpstart weight loss. Patients see dramatic non-invasive weight loss results from the technology. It’s a great way to begin and manage weight loss, but you can enhance it by creating a strong weight loss nutrition plan.

Why Add Nutrition to Your Weight Loss Plan?

In a weight loss nutrition plan, it’s important to include natural energy ingredients that elevate mood and boost energy levels without using harsh stimulants or artificial ingredients. When body sculpting and proper nutrition are followed correctly, your body will begin to eliminate unnecessary toxins and weight. Releasing toxins reduces body fat, increases energy levels, and promotes better health and weight loss results.

We Approach Weight Loss from Every Angle

fruit in bowlsWeight loss is accomplished by adjusting many small areas of your life where unhealthy habits have been formed. We’ve helped many patients finally gain control over the stubborn area of nutrition. Our doctors use multiple testing procedures to ensure that natural weight loss is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals.

Making small choices throughout the day often has a more positive impact on health than making drastic ones. There are a few ways you can start your weight loss journey right now!

Use smaller dishes

Using smaller plates and bowls will help you eat less. It’s natural to fill up whatever dish is being used. Small dishes mean smaller portions, and your brain thinks you’re eating the same amount you would on a larger dish.

Actually use the dishes

Eating out of the box or bag takeout encourages excessive eating. You are likely to eat until all of the food in the box is gone. Transfer one serving of the food onto one of your new, small dishes. Store the rest of the food for later.

Don’t drink your calories

Many people forget that drinks have calories that can actually impact weight. Soft drinks, juice, specialty coffees, and alcohol add a significant number of calories. But, there’s good news: replacing them with water can have a huge impact on reaching the lower calorie count of a weight loss nutrition plan.

The size and shape of a glass can help you achieve the goals to drink less soda and more water. We tend to drink more if a glass is wide and less if it is slender. Put all drinks in slender glasses except water to play another helpful trick on your brain.

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