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Get Camera Ready with Lipo-Light
February 16, 2017
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Get Ready for a Las Vegas Summer
March 16, 2017

At Active Body Sculpt, we work to get you started on your weight loss journey by providing Lipo-Light technology. Lipo-Light works by stimulating the fat cells in an area to emulsify—or liquefy—the fat within the cell. Once liquefied, the fat moves from inside the cell to the outside through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane. Learn how exercising after Lipo-Light can enhance your weight loss results.

Exercise Is the Key to Weight Loss with Lipo-Light

Once the fat is outside the cell, the lymphatic system absorbs it. That process results in millions of fat cells being reduced in size. Smaller fat cells lead to reduced inches on the waist, hips, and thighs. Exercise after Lipo-Light ensures the fat is not reabsorbed by the cells.

Getting the fat out of the bodywoman exercising for weight loss

After treatment, the contents of the cells that are now outside the cell now need to exit the body. If they are not out of the body within 8-12 hours, they may be reabsorbed by other fat cells. Immediate exercise after Lipo-Light treatment is the only way to ensure that the lymphatic system can excrete the fat.

Getting the liquefied fat out of the body is the only way to ensure prolonged success of Lipo-Light treatment. We encourage our patients to exercise for 30-60 minutes every day, but we especially emphasize the necessity to get moving right after treatment.

Burning even more fat

Lipo-Light technology can really get you started on your weight loss journey. You should see results pretty quickly and begin feeling more confident. However, traditional weight loss methods like daily exercise are still valuable. Exercising after Lipo-Light during your daily routine will really take your weight loss to the next level.

Plus, leading a healthy lifestyle is not just about weight loss. Daily exercise does more for your health than just reducing the fat in your body. Exercise is invaluable to heart health, physical mobility, stamina, and even emotional wellness.

Get Started Losing Weight Now

Schedule a free consultation to find out if Lipo-Light technology is what you’ve needed to start your weight loss journey all along. Our professionals at Active Body Sculpt will answer any questions you have about our weight loss philosophy, tactics, and tricks. We’d love to get you started with Lipo-Light plus an exercise and nutrition plan.

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