Weight Loss Enhancement: Benefits of Drinking Water

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All weight loss plans from veggies-only to Paleo include some snippet about increasing your water intake. The benefits of drinking water are not the best-kept weight loss secret, that’s for sure. The question is whether increased water intake is encouraged because it is good for your health, or because it’s actually going to help you lose weight. We want you to be healthy, no doubt, but we also want you to see weight loss results.

Learn the Benefits of Drinking Water

Water burns calorieswater with lemons

One study in Germany suggests that water consumption increases the rate at which a body burns calories. Michael Boschman, MD found the German research and conducted his own study. He found that after drinking 17oz of water, most humans experienced an increase in metabolic rate (the speed at which calories burn) by 30% for the next 30 to 40 minutes.

There is no solid evidence of what caused the increase, and further research is required to know if everyone can expect these results. However, doctors are hopeful.

Water makes your new lifestyle easier

Hydration enhances your muscles’ ability to perform the exercise you are doing to lose weight. If you are dehydrated, not only are your muscles having a harder time properly performing exercise, but you will see fewer results. So, you are doing more work for less payoff.

Also, drinking water before a meal reduces your appetite. When you consume 12oz of water before a meal, you will feel fuller and dramatically decrease your likelihood of overeating. Replacing sugary drinks with water is another easy way to cut calories out of your daily intake. Aside from all health benefits, it is at the very least, a zero calorie drink.

Another benefit of increasing your water intake is that it boosts energy! It’s much easier to stick to a new weight loss plan when you have some extra energy. It’ll motivate you to kick cravings and hit the gym.

How Many Ounces of Water Should I Drink?

The eight glasses per day rule is an okay starting point, but there are better ways to calculate your daily needs. A more personalized calculation is to drink half of your bodyweight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds, it is recommended that you drink 75 ounces of water each day.

Start with that number and add to it if you are exercising or sweating. Dehydration sometimes makes itself very obvious, so you know exactly when to add to your water intake. If you are experiencing excessive hunger, headaches, trouble concentrating, or fatigue, you might be dehydrated. Have a large glass of water and see if your symptoms subside.

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