The Concept Of Yoga And Why You Should Do It

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The Concept Of Yoga And Why You Should Do It

Yoga stems from the 5000-year old Indian philosophy of spirituality and mental awareness. Now, it has become more famous for its ability to combat anxiety, depression, and stress. And science has already backed this theory up. However, there are still so many misconceptions about the spiritual discipline. To help you understand the concept of yoga and why you should do it, read along!

Benefits Of Yoga To The Body

Although initially considered a catalyst of spiritual consciousness, there had been several scientific reports that prove yoga has benefits beyond the physiological. Yoga practitioners that have stress-related disabilities like fibromyalgia were reported to feel lesser pain when being put under a thumbnail pressure test. Normally, fibromyalgia patients do not have a high tolerance level to pain due to their illness. But by practicing yoga, their tolerance has increased and pain responses in their brain decreased.

Yoga also boosts the immune system by reducing the body’s exposure to pollutants and its production of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone released when a person is experiencing stress. Although it helps control sugar level and supports the fetus during pregnancy, too much cortisol can slow down the effectiveness of the body’s natural defense against sickness. This means that by going to a single yoga class, you have already lowered your chances of getting a cold, fever, and even cancer.

Finishing a yoga sequence can also help you get through an addiction. Dopamine, an organic chemical that is released by the brain when you’re in love or high on a substance, is naturally produced during yoga. The practice will give you the feeling of contentment you get from a bad habit. Therefore, if you focus your attention on mastering that downward dog, your craving will not only decrease but eventually go away on its own.

Types Of Yoga

There are 5 major types of yoga that are widely practiced and each one focuses on a unique goal. Ashtanga, or Ashtanga, is a fast-paced, physically demanding type, reason why it was named the “power yoga.” It is what most athletes prefer since it doesn’t only challenge them flexibility-wise, but also makes them sweat a lot! Bikram, another type of yoga, can also help you lose body fluids fast. It is taught in rooms with temperature as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, earning it the nickname “hot yoga.” It is also the most popular type of yoga in the West since it doesn’t include any headstand or handstand.

Iyengar and Kundalini are suggested for patients with body alignment problems, injuries, and breathing irregularities. Iyengar yoga lets students hold poses for long periods, making it extremely helpful in the recuperation from bone injuries. Kundalini, on the other hand, helps students focus on their breathing while doing repetitive poses. It also includes chanting throughout the whole class.

Vinyasa, usually the type of yoga suggested for beginners, focus on keeping the body in rhythm through sun salutations. These sun salutations include novice yet body-toning poses which are connected together to form a sequence or flow.

Yoga has undeniably more benefits than diet and exercise combined. But it’s important to seek the help of a professional when there is recurring discomfort in your body. At Active Body Sculpt, we specialize in treating patients with neck and back injuries, as well as body alignment. If you are in need of an expert advice, please book an appointment with our specialists by calling us at (702) 427-7292. If you are in the area, drop by our clinic located at 8945 W Post Rd., Suite 105 in Las Vegas.

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