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NutritionIf you have been struggling with weight/fat loss and are in the Las Vegas area, we urge you to speak with Dr. Cade Smith and/or Dr. Leslie Richardson. As chiropractic physicians, they know the significant, wide-ranging health risks associated with being overweight: increased risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, back pain, musculoskeletal pains, injuries, low self-esteem, etc.

Natural energy ingredients elevate your mood and boost your energy level without the aid of harsh stimulants or artificial ingredients. When body sculpting and proper nutrition are followed correctly, your body will begin to eliminate unnecessary toxins and weight that your you have been holding on to which in turn reduces body fat, increases energy levels and promotes overall better health and weight loss results.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Richardson have helped many patients finally take control over their health by helping them achieve healthy, natural fat loss. Many people on the program start to lose weight over the first few days. The doctors use multiple testing procedures to ensure that the natural weight loss is tailored exactly to you as an individual, your needs, and your goals.

“There are several elements to a healthy lifestyle in order for the outcome to be a successful one. Our goal is to address weight loss from every angle.” Dr. Cade Smith

If you are ready to make a positive change in your weight and life, call the Doctors at Active Body Sculpt today to get started with a FREE CONSULTATION.

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