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Benefits of Massage Therapy
December 29, 2016
Lipo-Light woman’s back
Who Can Benefit from Lipo-Light?
January 19, 2017

Last month, we had our grand opening! We enjoyed complimentary massage treatments with the Las Vegas body sculpt community. Active Body Sculpt is now meeting the weight loss, massage, and body sculpting goals of clients throughout Las Vegas.

Get Fit with Us in 2017

Girl getting Lipo-Light treatmentJumpstart weight loss with Light Lipo

Our Light Lipo technology stimulates cells and makes it possible for the fat inside the cell to pass through a temporary pore within the cell membrane. Your lymphatic system will then absorb the fat and rid your body of it. The non-invasive procedure doesn’t require anesthesia or cause damage and bruising like traditional liposuction.

Increase benefits with a massage

Our sports, deep tissue, and therapeutic stretching massages each offer specific benefits. Utilize sports massage to enhance athletic performance and recovery, deep tissue massage to enhance deep fibers of your muscles, or a therapeutic stretching massage to lengthen damaged muscle fibers after physical activity.

Adding physical activity and massage to your routine while receiving Light Lipo will work to enhance your weight loss results. We can guide you to the activity and massage choices that are best for your lifestyle.

Unlock the secret weight loss weapon

Once you shed the first stubborn pounds through our Light Lipo, you’ll want to adjust your lifestyle to increase and maintain the results. The secret to doing that is proper nutrition. Learn what lifestyle changes to make this year to finally acquire the body you want.

Celebrate a New Way to Lose Weight

We hope you have high goals set for yourself. Active Body Sculpt can help you reach them. Schedule a complimentary consultation and get started on your 2017 resolutions with us today!

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