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Nutrition Service to Make the Most of Your Fitness Routine
June 29, 2017
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July 20, 2017

Lipo-Light is the new weight loss alternative that people are raving about. In this procedure, a low-level energy laser creates a chemical reaction in your body that helps to eliminate fat cells. Lipo-Light involves aiding your body’s natural processes to break down fat, so it’s non-invasive and completely safe. Now that you’re comfortable with the process, let’s talk about maximizing Lipo-Light results.

Maximizing Lipo-Light Results


Getting the most out of Lipo-Light begins with preparation. First and foremost, drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps your body naturally cleanse itself and aids in maintaining homeostasis. This is vital if you want your body to apply those natural fat-eliminating abilities successfully.

Do extra cardio

For maximizing Lipo-Light results, the goal is to burn a minimum of 300 calories after your procedure. You can often see Lipo-Light results instantly. However, to maximize the effectiveness, you should do a little more cardio than you usually do, and do it right after your procedure.

Get a massage

A sports or therapeutic massage can greatly increase recovery. Although there isn’t any downtime after the Lipo-Light procedure, it definitely helps reduce any stress you may have had, as well as getting deep inside the tissue to maximize muscle growth.

Eat a healthy diet

Make no mistake; the Lipo-Light procedure is NOT an easy out. In fact, it should be encouragement to work even harder. With that being said, your diet should stay on the healthy and stable side. Remember to watch your calorie intake. Talk to your nutrition doctor for the best diet options.

Follow up with all your appointments

Lipo-Light isn’t just a one-time visit. Maximizing Lipo-Light and its potential means using it to the full extent. It is recommended that you get treated twice a week or even every two days, as long as there are 24 hours in between to process all the fat. The results you will get are long-term, especially if you keep with it.

Lipo-Light Las Vegas

Maximizing Lipo-Light results is easy with the help of chiropractic physicians, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Smith. Active Body Sculpt has all the Lipo-Light tips for weight loss, so visit us today.

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