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February 1, 2018
Walking – It Does A Body Good
February 28, 2018

1.  Pre- or post-dinner walks

Taking time to get your family moving before or after dinner helps boosts EVERYONE’S metabolism and energy and helps your body digest that dinner!  Plus it also helps bring the family together with long talks and lots of fun.

2. Crank up the music and boogie down.

This is a great way to teach your children that exercise is FUN and not a chore.  Get loose and turn up the volume and get your kids jumping around!  What a great way to bond!

3. Make a game out of household chores.

Giving your kids special superhero names and attaching them to tasks like putting away the toys and putting a time limit on it is a great way to get their heart rates up and spark their imaginations.

4. Sneak workouts into other activities.

I know we are always in a rush and a toddler can slow us down, but walking instead of riding in the cart at the store,  taking the stairs or walking up the escalator whenever possible is also a great way to keep them kiddo’s moving.

5. Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks.

Kids LOVE watching TV, one great way to keep them engaged is short sporadic exercise breaks during commercials.  This is a great way to teach your kids how to do squats or jumping jacks

6. Have a weekly sports night.

Create four fun family games that require movement and once a week have everyone play the game together.  Creating fun and laughter while pumping those blood vessels with energy is a fantastic way to create “productive bonding” with the kids

7. Walk or run for charity.

Showing your kids the power of helping others and also incorporating fitness is another great way to develop not only great exercise habits but healthy mind habits.  Teach their mind at an early age that we have the power to change people’s lives – even with exercise!

8. Put kids to work in the yard.

Mowing the grass, raking the leaves, trimming the shrubs are not only great activities to teach them responsibility, & work ethic, but healthy for the heart as well.   Making this another family affair you will also find this to be a bonding time and also relieve some of your workload.

These are all just a few suggestions of how to bond with your family and at the same time get those heart rates up, blood pumping and energy boosting!

Happy Family Exercise Time!

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