I Love My Lipo-Light Results! How Do I Make Them Last?

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We have helped thousands of patients in the Las Vegas valley achieve significant and sustainable weight loss through our safe and effective Lipo-Light procedure. Because we believe in tackling your weight loss goals in the most holistic, sustainable, and healthful way possible, we offer free consultations to all of our new clients. Not only do we work with you before your Lipo-Light sessions to focus in on your weight loss goals but our team is also experienced at formulating an effective aftercare regime designed to maximize the Lipo-Light results of each session.

How to Make Your Lipo-Light Results Last

Work with our doctors to develop a plan of attack

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our on-staff physicians, Dr. Cade Smith and Dr. Leslie Richardson. As chiropractic physicians, they are experts in assessing the needs and capabilities of your body as you begin this next step of your wellness journey. We will work with you to develop a complete nutrition and exercise regime, as well as a Lipo-Light aftercare plan. Our team can help you maximize your Lipo-Light results while maintaining focus on your body’s ability to heal and recover.

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your weight loss goals, your workout regime, and any health concerns or physical limitations you may have. The Lipo-Light procedure is not recommended for women who are pregnant, nursing, or menstruating. Because Lipo-Light is non-invasive (unlike traditional liposuction procedures), our focus will remain on helping you bounce back quickly to maximize your Lipo-Light results!

Space out your Lipo-Light sessions

Depending on your weight loss goals and scheduling needs, we typically recommend patients complete a series of sessions over the course of two to six weeks. During each 20-minute session, our staff will place up to 16 pads directly onto the skin of your targeted area. Each pad is equipped with 30 medical LED lights, called diodes that emit a warm red light at a wavelength of 635 nanometers.

When light is emitted at this frequency, it energizes the fat cells, causing the pores to open at an accelerated rate, thereby ejecting all contents of your fat cells directly into your body for use or disposal via your lymphatic system.

Stay active and eat well

As with any weight loss solution or regime, you must make sure your diet and exercise regime support the efforts you’re making in order for your results to be sustainable. Exercise is essential, especially immediately after your Lipo-Light session. This creates an energy demand for the fat that was released during your session.

By creating a demand for energy through exercise and maintaining a healthy caloric deficit, you are ensuring that your body is using or eliminating the excess fat instead of storing it for later. Our doctors are well-versed in nutrition and will help you develop a dietary plan of attack that can help you maximize and sustain your Lipo-Light results.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life with Lipo-Light?

At Active Body Sculpt, we specialize in creating individualized weight loss programs that will get you the results you’ve been struggling to achieve on your own. We’ve helped thousands across the Vegas Valley. Just take a look at these before and after Lipo-Light pictures and testimonials our patients have sent in over the years!

With the support of our fully trained staff and two full-time chiropractic physicians, we are ready to get you started on your journey to a happier, healthier you. Call us today for your free consultation!

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