Health Hack: 3 Simple Tips For Getting Rid Of Food Addiction

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December 20, 2017
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Health Hack: 3 Simple Tips For Getting Rid Of Food Addiction

Do you think about food too often than normal? Do you binge on snacks to escape negative feelings even when you’re not hungry? Have you ever wanted to stop thinking about food but just couldn’t find the motivation or strength to do so?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it’s highly likely that you have an addiction to food. While this disorder may cause a lot of problems both physically and mentally, anyone can overcome it with the right guidance and by reading this health hack: 3 simple tips for getting rid of food addiction.

Tell-Tale Signs Of Food Addiction

We’ve all snuck in the kitchen in the middle of the night to grab a tub of ice cream or a bag of chips. Comfort eating is normal, especially after a really long and tiring day. But how do you really know when to draw the line between temporary binges and a full-blown food addiction?

The number one tell-tale sign of food addiction is having completely no control over your eating portions. Even after having a big dinner with the family, you still have the urge of eating more. And it’s not because you’re hungry. It’s due to your mind’s inability to portion control. So instead of eating the small plate, you would get a whole bowl and go for another.

Eventually, this binge-eating leads you to feel lethargic and physically sick. Huge amounts of food in the body can cause a sort of trance of being full – a feeling that most food addicts get hooked on. Often times, they mistake this feeling as a “happy high” when in fact it’s simply the body’s way of telling you that it’s had enough.

It’s important to identify this feeling early so you can start on your health hack: 3 simple tips for getting rid of food addiction. You can also book an appointment with us or check out Active Body Sculpt Services to know how we can help you with your food addiction.

3 Simple Tips For Getting Rid Of Food Addiction

Keeping a food journal can help you tame your food cravings. Many people underestimate the simple power of writing that’s why a lot of people shy away from keeping a diary. But it is a highly-advised routine to take since it motivates food addicts to be honest about themselves and the quantity of their actual food intake.

The second tip is to trick your own brain. If you’re still hungry after eating a big meal, take a few seconds to yourself to really determine what you fell. Go do stuff to make your brain forget the ravenous feeling – play a game on your phone, take a walk, chat with a friend – anything to distract you from food. This is the best health hack: 3 simple tips for getting rid of food addiction.

Last, but not the least, is a sort of self-diagnosis. Every time you think of food or when you start craving for something, ask yourself: Am I really hungry?

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