Halo: Active Body’s Unique New Traction Machine That Corrects Spine Alignment

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August 25, 2017
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August 25, 2017

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Correcting Spine Alignment


People eventually develop certain posture abnormalities over time because of their unhealthy lifestyle. By just even being on their smart phones all day, their shoulders get strained and rounded and their necks forward. It may not seem like it but you are actually re-training your body to be in the wrong posture if you let this happen.

Spine problems also arise from repetitive accidents or traumatic injuries. Car accidents, in particular, can cause severe damage to the neck and spine. If the body is not rehabilitated correctly with the appropriate treatment, it will break even more. At Active Body Chiropractic, we consider these injuries crucial and customize a specific program for our patients.

This is exactly why we have developed and created our unique traction machine called Halo. The Halo traction machine helps restructure and reshape any damage caused to the spine and revert it back to its normal alignment. This procedure is painless and inexpensive compared to life-threatening surgeries that may not even be as successful.

The Halo traction machine does not cause any permanent ligament instability which is very important in rehabilitating the spine. Although there are already a lot of these traction devices in the market, most of them do not take into consideration the muscles in the body. This, in turn, gives patients an uncomfortable and awkward experience. With the Halo, patients are allowed to lie down and relax while getting the treatment that they need. Unlike the other machines in the market, the Halo can focus on multiple areas at the same time.

The Halo is a unique traction device that is the only machine of its kind. If you have whiplash, injuries or neck damages from car accidents, scoliosis, or any injury that may need spine correction, this machine is perfect for you! Contact us today to make an appointment!

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