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Weight Loss Enhancement: Nutrition
February 9, 2017
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Weight Loss Enhancement: Exercise
March 2, 2017

If you’ve got a big event coming up, there’s no doubt you’re thinking about how you’re going to look to the people there and in photos taken to commemorate the event. In most cases, events aren’t planned far enough in advance to reach weight loss goals without some help. That is where Lipo-Light comes to the rescue.

Lipo-Light Will Jumpstart Your Weight Loss for Any Event

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Often, you’ll know if a wedding is coming up with plenty of time to get the most from Lipo-Light treatments. Schedule a free consultation now to get started. Each treatment will burn up to 400 calories. When used along with exercise and proper nutrition, Lipo-Light can give the encouragement you need to lose weight for an upcoming wedding.

Lipo-Light technology is the perfect weight loss solution for brides. There is no risk involved, and the procedure is 100% non-invasive. A wedding weight loss treatment with no required recovery time is ideal for a busy bride.


Everyone wants to look their best when being reunited with people from the past. Use Lipo-Light treatments to shed a few inches before facing your past! The technology is safe for adults of any age, and it’s exactly what you need to feel confident walking back into those high school hallways.

The results you’ll see after Lipo-Light procedures are similar to those seen after a few weeks of hitting the gym. Everyone you see will be sure you’ve just stuck to that gym routine they couldn’t quite manage after the first week of January.


A graduation is a time for ending a phase of life and beginning another. Whether it’s your graduation or a loved one’s, use it as a bookmark in your life. Start your weight loss journey before the ceremony, and the photos taken in that cap and gown will be the first ones of you living your new lifestyle!

Schedule a Free Consultation

Contact us to schedule a time visit Active Body Sculpt for your free consultation. You’ll see results that other people have experienced through Lipo-Light treatments and have an opportunity to decide if it’s right for you and your upcoming event!

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