Dr. Leslie Richardson Talks About Lipo Light Therapy’s Effectivity

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August 25, 2017
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August 25, 2017

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Lipo Light Therapy’s Effectivity


“What’s led you to this point? Why are you here? How can we help?” These are the first questions that husband-and-wife duo Leslie and Cade Smith ask their patients the first time they enter their clinic at Active Body. And most of the people that ask for their help are particularly concerned about the excess weight that has accumulated in different parts of their body.

Speaking as a mother of two, Dr. Leslie Richardson completely understands how hard it is to lose all that stubborn fat after giving birth. Going to the gym is the widely known solution for this dilemma. But even after spending hours using the machines and sweating it out with the weights, that extra fat at the back of your thighs and around your stomach may still prove to be too complicated to remove.

Men’s bodies are also different. Dr. Leslie Richardson talks about how the “dad bod” has become a major problem to men who have forgotten how to balance the aspects of life. Furthermore, all that visceral fat that have piled up around the stomach can eventually cause heart attacks. It may be a common occurrence but it is definitely not the ideal body for most of these people.

With Active Body’s Lipo Light therapy, anyone can now undergo a comfortable and easy process of spot-reducing these problematic areas of the body. It has 16 paddles which a patient can use to focus on 4-5 areas at the same time. It also loses 400 calories in just 45 minutes by piercing the fatty cells and detoxing the body so the visceral fat doesn’t come back.

Dr. Leslie Richardson and Dr. Cade Smith will never recommend a product that they haven’t tried. They have done research and tested Lipo Light for about 6 months and are living testaments of how effective it is as a spot-reducing body sculpt machine. Get rid of all that undesirable fat today by visiting our Active Body clinic in Las Vegas!

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