Cade Smith and Leslie Richardson: How They Founded the Active Body Chiropractic Clinic

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August 25, 2017
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August 25, 2017

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Founding the Active Body


For most people, injuries are major setbacks that are a great hinder from doing normal daily activities. These injuries can range from body pains gained from strenuous physical activities at the gym, damage from sports or an accident, or bone impairments due to pregnancy or weight gain. Just about anyone can sustain an injury. And while there are so many different types of injuries to be had, it is only sensible that these injuries be cured with specific treatments.

This is exactly what husband and wife duo Cade Smith and Leslie Richardson want to achieve with Active Body. Coming from different parts of the world, Smith and Richardson met at a chiropractic class and later on discovered the same passion for getting injured people back into shape. Both also have an intensive background in athletics. Richardson played tennis at the University of Toronto and Smith played for the Chicago Bears until he had to retire due to injuries.

Active Body was founded mainly on the premise of providing injured people the appropriate tools to assist them in healing fast. The Active Body Chiropractic clinic is equipped with various machines that are designed to focus on specific damages in the body. These devices are all personalized and are not found anywhere else outside of the clinic. They also cater to different types of disfigurement, bodily harm or pain and promote a necessary diet and an ideal lifestyle for recovery patients.

To add to this, their clinic has a unique family-friendly vibe which makes people feel more comfortable and at home. There is no other chiropractic clinic in Las Vegas that encourages the participation of the whole family in attaining wellness. So what are you waiting for? Work with Active Body today and speed up your recovery to good health and strength!



Subject: Are you injured? Active Body can help you get back into shape!

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