Active Body Testimony: Shawn Recalls His Struggles Of Having A Dad Bod

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August 25, 2017
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November 8, 2017

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Struggles Of Having A Dad Bod


While a man with “dad bod” may be attractive to some, it may generally be a visible sign of health risk. Shawn is a family-focused dad working in mortgage finance in Las Vegas. In recent years, he has undergone various forms of fitness programs but realizing that the extra fat around his arms and stomach can be very hard to shake off made him seek for better options.

Shawn has known Cade since he was 13 years old. They have played football together back in the day and personally know that Cade is a serial practitioner of his healthy lifestyle theories. Before coming to Cade for a treatment, he has gone through so many diets which all had confusing and contradicting nutrition facts. He also dabbled in cross-fit training and expected to lose the extra visceral weight he had. He lost 15lbs in the process but was unable to burn the fat in his problem areas.

His most recognizable weight gain was when his youngest child was born. He became 40-50 lbs overweight and had gotten his wife very worried about his condition. When he approached Dr. Cade Smith about his problem, his was put on an initial testing of his weight and visceral fat count before getting him under a Lipo Light session. Dr. Smith personalized a program for his weight loss and by the end of his first week under the Lipo Light session; he was able to lose 6lbs and burn 2 ½ inches. After 6 weeks, he lost a total of 15lbs and 7 inches of fat around his love handles – an achievement that even the trendiest diets and the hardest training programs at the gym wouldn’t have able to get him.

Dad bod may be fast becoming a trend, but it can cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even erectile dysfunction. Call us today to know more about the health risks of having a dad bod and how to prevent it.

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