Active Body Testimony: First Time Mom Ana Shares How Active Body Treated Her Horse-Riding Injuries

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Horse-Riding Injuries


Ana is a professional fitness athlete and a first-time mom residing in Las Vegas. As a professional equestrian from the age of 4, she tells that the pressure of riding and competing has compressed her spine and changed its alignment and curve. Later on in life, she discovered that being a mother can also present a new set of body pains for her. Carrying around a 25lb baby with current neck and spine issues can really take a toll on anybody.

As with all sports, horse-riding activities can strain the joints and cause painful trauma to the ankles and knees. With continued vibration and pressure, the tendons connected to the bones can also develop repetitive strain injuries. Anyone suffering these injuries can definitely experience discomfort, especially in their daily activities. Although the pain can be tolerable, the tightness of the muscles will surely be present.


It is highly recommended for patients suffering this condition to get treatment from massage therapists. Unfortunately, due to her terrible experience with chiropractors in recent years, Ana has become extremely dubious about their treatments. She would pay a lot of money for the treatment that she supposedly needs but was never really given. Upon being introduced to Dr. Cade Smith and Dr. Leslie Richardson 8 years ago, she has since been very happy with the unique treatment she’s been undergoing.

And since Active Body Chiropractic clinic takes pride in being a family-friendly institution, Ana feels very comfortable bringing her child every time she undergoes a session. If you want to know more about how our clinic can help you get through your neck and spine problems, visit us today or call our hotline and we will be very happy to answer your questions!

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