Active Body Testimony: Ex-Police Officer Terry Shares How the Halo Helped Him Get Rid Of His Chronic Neck Injuries

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August 22, 2017
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Chronic Neck Injuries


Many chiropractic practitioners are biased when it comes to the treatments they want to apply to their patients’ bodies. They have different opinions about certain injuries and end up doing more harm than good. You will never achieve the results you need if your doctor’s skill set is limited. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in patients who have recurring neck pains because of former injuries.

Terry Goodlad is a 58-year former police officer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His chronic neck injury was a result of his rough car accidents during his tenure in the force. He also later on signed up for mixed martial arts where he also developed another injury. His neck was badly injured because of a bad fall during training and eventually pushing his neck to feel more strained. Since then, chiropractic treatment has been considered to be a definite must in his regular health routine. He has been to and spent a lot of money on a lot of chiropractic doctors over the years but sadly only felt more uncomfortable after their sessions.


When he was introduced to husband and wife Active Body Chiropractic doctors Cade and Leslie, he was immediately put on an initial testing that included answering certain questions about his health. His neck and the rest of his body were also assessed to know the extent of his injuries. After the initial procedure, he was then laid in the Halo Traction machine for 10 minutes where, according to him, he felt immediate relief. He used to take Micodin every after chiropractic sessions but now, with Active Body’s Halo, he didn’t have to take any kind of prescription drugs for the pain.

Now working as a professional photographer, Terry relates that the Halo Traction machine has helped him overcome his disabilities as well as become the best at what he does in his profession. If you need a customized program for a specific injury or problem area, visit our clinic today or ask our customer representatives to know how. We are more than happy to help you achieve the fit and healthy body that you’ve always wanted!

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