What Active Body Sculpt Offers Beyond Lipo-Light

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March 16, 2017
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April 12, 2017

At Active Body Sculpt, we are proud to provide our clients and our community with a variety of wellness services designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Read to find out which of our services can help you.

Wellness Services Offered at Active Body Sculpt

Lipo-Light: The latest in body sculpting

Body sculpting through the use of high-powered LEDs is one of the most recent advances in slimming and toning technology. We are proud to offer our clients the latest treatment for non-invasive contouring: Lipo-Light. Our treatment is a simple, safe, effective way to naturally slim down, shape, or tone the areas of your body that exercise alone may not reach.

Trained massage therapists at your disposal

Massage Therapy is a centuries-old practice that has been used to promote relaxation, muscle health, and your body’s natural healing rhythms. Stress is a silent killer, and with its ability to release both acute and chronic tension and muscle pain, massage therapy is one of the most effective and holistic ways to combat stress.

Some of the other benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Reduced inflammation associated with muscle pain (headaches, stress, joint pain)
  • Improved vascular circulation
  • Increased flexibility in joints
  • Alleviating the negative effects of aging
  • Reduced mental and physical fatigue
  • Increased joint range of motion

Our trained massage therapists are experienced in sports massage, deep tissue, and therapeutic stretching massage. Whether you’re an athlete looking to make the most of your training or simply seeking relief from muscle spasms and discomfort, our highly trained therapists are here for you.

Nutrition and diet planning

At Active Body Sculpt, a key part of our mission and our success is our commitment to helping you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. If you have started or are looking to start your own weight loss journey, seeking the advice of a medical professional is always the first—and most important—step.

That’s why we urge our clients to consult with Dr. Cade Smith or Dr. Leslie Richardson. With years of practice as chiropractic physicians, our doctors have helped many of our patients and clients take control of their own health by giving them tools to achieve lasting, healthy weight loss. With their wide range of experience and multiple testing procedures, our doctors can help you design a sustainable health plan that fits your individual needs and goals.

If you are ready make the most of your weight loss journey, contact the doctors at Active Body Sculpt to get started with a free consultation.

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