Dr. Cade Smith

I started Active Body Sculpt with a vision and a purpose. It has always been a passion of mine to help people reach their personal physique goals. Being an ex-athlete, I have always lived a healthy lifestyle and now I want to share my knowledge of what I have learned. People are now able to create the body they have always wanted with proper nutrition and a new fat-burning technology. I do not believe in crash dieting, severe calorie restrictions or drastic life changing alterations. My goal is to educate and teach people that the body you desire has always been with you, it just needs the right motivation and path to get you there.

Dr Leslie Richardson

Active Body Sculpt is a very exciting project for myself and my family. I have had 2 children that watch every move I make and want to copy me. I want to be a good role model for them and show them how to be healthy. I try to stay active and eat whole foods to stay healthy but I continued to have cravings and problem areas. This sculpting and nutrition program has personally helped me achieve a leaner body with only a few changes to my lifestyle. Opening a body sculpting clinic was naturally the next step for me, I want to help give women the tools to look and feel their best.