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10 Amazing Stretches You Can Do At Your desk
February 28, 2018
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Starker Rücken

Your spine houses a large part of your nervous system (along with the brain) – the master control center of you. The nervous system (and by extension, the spine) is involved in every bodily function and directly influences your daily experience.

You can’t live without a nervous system, and your nervous system gets dirupted with an unhealthy spine.

A minor imbalance in your spinal structure can reduce your nervous system function by up to 60%. It’s an intricate & delicate system, designed to be free from interference.

Unfortunately, the way we live life today puts your spine  under huge amounts of stress.

We sit, slouch, twist, stay sedentary, hunch over phones and subject it to environmental, nutritional and emotional strain, daily.

What can you do about it?

Besides regular adjustments, try these seriously healthy spinal habits to feel an immediate difference.

1. Be Aware of your Posture.

Pay attention!  If you catch yourself in the act of slouching and commit to straightening up. Maintaining good posture is the #1 thing you can do to protect your spine all day and every day.

Here’s an easy way to think about it: keep your ear, shoulder and hip lined up neatly.

2. Keep Moving!

Human bodies need to move, they are designed to move and survive best when we move.

Regular movement – daily walking, safe, enjoyable sports, strength and flexibility – keeps you limber. It decreases inflammation, supports healthy lymphatic flow and function, keeps muscles and ligaments strong and the spine supported plus reduces pain and stiffness.

Need help to get moving?  We call ourselves Active Body for a reason! We are fitness experts and are here to help you not only with a healthy spine, but in over all body health as well!  Let us know you’re interested in more information and we can schedule a consult to sit down and chat!

3. Don’t be rude to your neck!

Your head is HEAVY and looking down at your mobile phone or device is like putting the weight of a bowling ball on your upper spine.   This leads to pain, stiffness and ultimately – damage.

Our advice? Bring your device up to eye level, draw your chin back and take regular breaks from your phone.

4. Check your bags.

Do you use a handbag? Carry a briefcase? Kids lugging big, heavy backpacks to school? Take a moment to look at the types of bags you and your family use. Are these lopsided and cumbersome bags?  Are they heavy?  Do you have to lean to one side to carry it?

Look for bags that are more ergonomic, distribute it’s weight evenly and not too heavy! If you have to carry a lot of stuff around, get a bag with wheels!

5. Roll over.

How do you sleep?

Chiropractors generally recommend sleeping on your back or side as opposed to your stomach.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a quality mattress – firm and supportive – and for perfect spinal/pelvic alignment you can also add a specialized pillow between your knees overnight.

6. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!

Besides the obvious: sitting up straight, standing tall, not lifting and twisting, nutrition also plays a vital role in spinal health.

A wholesome diet high in fresh, seasonal, colourful produce and low in inflammatory fast food, bad fats and refined sugar will support your entire body – back included.

The right foods nourish and heal; decreasing inflammation, pain and the risk of disease.

What does this look like?  You can’t go wrong with oodles of veggies and fruit, non-processed meats and seafood (if you eat it), nuts, seeds and whole grains are amazing.

You can bet that if it can be purchased through a drive through window that it probably will cause inflammation.

7. Do Yoga.

We’ve already posted a ton of great information about the power of Yoga, and when it comes to spinal alignment, it’s the smartest way to learn proper posture.

As you’re doing your Yoga practice, take the time to notice what a lengthened spine feels like and when you jump back to Number 1 in this list – you’ll have a great reference as to how to sit at your desk, on the couch or in the car.

These 7 small steps can drastically change the health and alignment of your spine.  Don’t be afraid to jump right in and start paying attention to each of these.  We recommend setting reminders in your calendar that can pop up on your phone to get you started.

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