3 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Increase Physical Activity

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November 8, 2017
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How To Lose Weight With Calorie Counting
December 13, 2017

3 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Increase Physical Activity

A lot of people shy away from exercise for many different reasons. Some don’t have the luxury of going to the gym while others are simply either too tired or too lazy to do any physical activity during their free time. The idea of exercise may be intimidating, but improving your physical fitness is not as challenging as most think. To help motivate you, here are 3 unbelievably easy ways to increase physical activity.


Increase Physical Activity at Work

Anyone can improve their fitness without ruining their daily routine. If you’re working a 9-5 job, you can simply wake up a few minutes earlier to walk to your office. But if your workplace is far from where you live, choose to take the stairs when you arrive instead of riding the elevator.

You can also buy a stability ball which you can sit on while you’re working to engage your core. Standing or walking during a business call can also create movement even when you’re occupied. These simple weight-bearing movements don’t exhaust a lot of time or energy but they can definitely yield amazing results.


Do General Home Cleaning

Cleaning your home regularly can benefit your family in terms of health but it can also be a good workout for your body. Tidying up your house is like hitting two birds with one stone. Since it involves a lot of movement, you’re not only keeping your surroundings clean but also moving your body.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV after dinner, you can try washing the dishes by hand or throwing the garbage out. House chores can help you stretch, lift, and ultimately avoid putting on undesirable weight.


Spend More Time Outdoors

Nature alone can give you a number of health benefits. Spending more time outdoors is scientifically proven to improve your emotional stability and help inspire creativity. In fact, according to an article published in Oprah, negative ions found in waterfalls and waves can act as natural antidepressants. Go to a park at least once a week with your family. Your kids can run around, play Frisbee and catch, or simply appreciate the clean air and blue skies.

While these 3 unbelievably easy ways to increase physical activity can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, it is still advisable to consult a professional for a full body screening if you’re experiencing recurring physical pain. Here at Active Body Sculpt, we offer chiropractic therapies that help relieve whiplash, neck or back strain and can correct spine misalignment. If you want to know more information about our services, visit our clinic or call us at (702) 427-7292 to schedule an appointment.

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